How to search in specific content type in drupal 7

Suppose you have created a content type named as “testimonial”. Now the requirement is to for search for a value “hello” under field name “title” then you can do so by using the below query. Please make sure that you have the “Entity API”  module enabled.


$searchkeyword = $_REQUEST['keyword'];
$query = new EntityFieldQuery();
$result = $query->entityCondition('entity_type', 'node')
->entityCondition('bundle', '[The machine name for your content type]') // in our case it is "testimonial"
->propertyCondition('title', $searchkeyword)
->propertyCondition('status', 1)
->fieldCondition('field_active_status', 'value', 'active',"=") // here you have to define your where condition on additional fields if required

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