How to search string in all files in a folder and sub folder recursivelly

How to use “grep” command in linux or macos to find text inside all files in a folder and including subdirectories

Command for the same is
grep -rl "string to search" /absolute-path/to/folder/

-r (or –recursive) option is used to traverse also all sub-directories of /path
-l (or –files-with-matches) option is used to only print filenames of matching files
-i ( for ignore case sensitive)

If you’re looking for lines matching in files, then use the below command

grep -Hrn "string to search" /absolute-path/to/folder/

-H causes the filename to be printed (implied when multiple files are searched)
-r does a recursive search
-n causes the line number to be printed
/absolute-path/to/folder/ can be . (dot) to search in the current directory