Set widget label from action file in symfony 1.4

In Action File ========================================================== $this->form = new youFormclassname(); To set individual Label $this->form->getWidget(‘widgetname’)->setLabel(‘widget Custom label’); To set multiple field label $this->form->getWidgetSchema()->setLabels(array( ‘field_name_1′    => ‘Field 1 Custom Lable’, ‘field_name_2′    => ‘Field 2 Custom Lable’, } ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ In Template File ============================================ <?php

Self join criteria in symfony

For Example : SELECT FROM tbl1 a LEFT JOIN tbl1 b ON a.somecolumnname = b.somecolumn ORDER BY a.somecolumn DESC The criteria would be as follow $c=new Criteria(); $c->addAlias(‘a’, ‘tbl1′); $c->addAlias(‘b’, ‘tbl1′); $c->addSelectColumn(‘’); $c->addSelectColumn(‘a.tbl1_id’); $c->addDescendingOrderByColumn(‘a.somecolumn’); $c->addJoin(‘a.somecolumnname’,’b.somecolumn’,Criteria::LEFT_JOIN); // Specify your criteria